Metric driven.

Goal oriented.

Customer experience focused.

Inspired by your vision, Blue Metric Consulting engineers a profit-driven strategy to increase your online revenue at the lowest available cost per acquisition.

How I do it:

I learn your business by analyzing your existing e-commerce platform, third-party integrations, apps, acquisition strategies, tracking systems, analytics, and demographic profile of your customers.

I optimize, improve and replace your digital and demographic tools to maximize your competitive edge. I quickly and efficiently cultivate to automated and semi-automated perfection your ecosystem of online marketing efforts for maximum impact, targeting the historically most effective and profitable online advertising campaigns. I make your ads go where your customers go online, deploying your marketing spend in the most efficient, trackable, and defensible manner.

My mission in life is to transform your business as fast as digitally possible so as to facilitate the speedy delivery of a beautiful, world-class, customer experience.