E-commerce Consulting

The Blue Metric Method

Through a 5-step process we work with you to create a strategic vision that is focused on increasing your online revenue at the lowest cost per acquisition. 


Step 1: Audit And Review

We look at what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and where there’s opportunity for growth.

Our work begins with a deep analysis of your existing e-commerce platform, third-party integrations, usage of apps, acquisition strategies, tracking systems, analytics, and demographic profile of your customers. This gives us a deep understanding of the opportunities for growth based on your existing customer base, and where you can and should place your marketing dollars to take your business to the next level.


Step 2: Setup and Implementation

Putting the right tools in place.

In order to market as effectively as possible, it’s critical to make sure you’re using the best platforms and reporting tools. This prevents you from spending marketing dollars blindly without being able to measure your results in real time.

In this process we ensure that your website platform is integrated with the web analytics tools and marketing platforms in place to ensure success and measurement.


Step 3: Creative Advertising to Increase Revenue (Execution)

The art of making more money at the lowest CPA.

Step 3 is where things get interesting. Our main focus is on ad creation, a re-launch of your brand and offerings that focus on online marketing efforts for maximum impact.

We further research the demographics of your target audience as to inform the creation of ads that will have the highest potential for catching eyeballs and capturing leads and sales. We ensure that the message and branding are on point, and then launch your ads, all while deploying your marketing spend in the most efficient, trackable and in the defensible manner.


Step 4: Optimization

How to make more sales with fewer marketing dollars.

One of the biggest mistakes that e-commerce retailers make is by putting their ads online and then simply hoping for the best. The reality is that creating marketing that works is the result of constant testing and optimizing.

During this phase we spend 1-3 months going over your results with painstaking detail. We analyze the performance of every ad and measure every dollar spent, focusing on what’s working, and where there’s room for improvement. We provide frequent reviews, monitoring, adjusting and ultimately, the relaunching of ads based on real-time results.

This ensures that no dollar is wasted, and that sales are maximized with the lowest costs possible.


Step 5: Marketing Beyond

Because it’s not just about making money today.

Our ultimate goal is for you to receive the highest Return on Investment possible. That’s why once we’ve optimized your advertising, we offer recommendations to further grow and scale your business. This includes further opportunities to expand your market, and the creation of an advertising playbook that explicitly lays the groundwork for your future. This roadmap will show you what’s next on the horizon and the precise steps you need to take to get there.


in summary, we will:

  • Analyze your current marketing opportunities (and uncover what low hanging fruit you’re missing)

  • Design and create your strategic marketing strategy

  • Optimize and improve your eCommerce store

  • Analyze your e-commerce platform, third-party integrations, apps and other technologies to get a comprehensive understanding of the demographic profile of your customers

  • Implement all technologies and tracking systems

  • Create Advertising to increase revenue at the lowest Cost Per Acquisition

  • Optimize advertising spend to get more sales

  • Develop your long-term marketing plan for sustainable future growth

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